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I'm in love,

But with my chains.

I saw it all coming for me.

Saw it in my powered box.

I hear it from the sound of tweet birds.

I read it on the book of the faceless faces.


Shame! I can't let go.

Let go of my leaking Umbrella.

Yet, I wont loose grip.

The grip of my blunt Broom incapable of cleaning.


But, I landed here.

Now I know my slave masters, 

But I want to become the Head of Slaves someday. 

How do I learn, if I run?


I can break my chains,

But I won't leave,

Lest the slave feeders pass me by,

How do I get my share?


"I for love my country,

But who he help?".

I'm in chains but I won't leave,

Until I despise them.

Until I stand for integrity.

Until I find the love of my life that's long gone,

The Love for My Country.

Nigeria shall be great again, when we choose the right Leader without individual sentiment, prejudice and selfishness.




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