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To be honest with you
The tears that I shed writing this piece
Is enough to fill a litre bottle
But I still wrote,

I miss the old times
Times we shared our moments
And laughed till late night
And woke up for more laughs

I don't know what went wrong
Or rather where I went wrong
But ever since she came to my life
Things have never been the same

I'm sorry I hid her from you
But this was to avoid fights
These same fights we fight
But it's too late now.

I fear talking about her
I fear telling you my happiness
For each time I try to share
I get more hurt by day

We vowed to be friends forever
But what are friends for,
If not to share happy memories
And holding each others hands

I miss the old you,
The one who was happy for me
The one who wished me happiness
The one who cared for my relationship

You let jealousy overtake you
And now each memory I share
Consume you into jealousy
And anger, sadness and pain overcame you

I wish I never met you
For I will never have trouble explaining
Nobody will be there to share memories
And though it is sad, but it is worth a peace

©Lewis Wamwanda

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    Lewis Wamwanda is a poet and novelist, born in Eldoret Kenya in the late 90's and is a student at Kisii University pursuing Bachelor Of Education, English and Literature. He began His writing back in 2009 while He was in Class Four His greatest motivation is the society at large.

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