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The scorching sun peirce through my skin
Like to hustle is a sin 
But contrary to hustle is a sin
But I've gat to endure what my eyes have seen.

Walking with slipper in the hot soil
Is equivalent to walking on foot sole
But I have to push further
'Cause I've gat to be the topper.

Sweating underneath
But my feathers covereth
No retreat no surrender 
I've gat to reach the peak.

Through fire, I pass
But like the burning bush, i burnt not 
'Cause the feather of a hustler; covers
But I've gat to hustle.

Like a gold passes through fire
So i pass through
And as a gold shines afterwards
So will I.

Someday, tears and sweat will disappear 
And like a shinning gold, i will appear 
And it'll be clearer 
That indeed amma SUCCESSFUL HUSTLER.

Dedicated to all Hustlers around the globe. 
Please, don't relent, the winning in nigh. 

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