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Everytime we hear about one wealthy man in our locality, we get goose bumps praying to be rich like or richer than the subject of discussion. One may be rich and one may get poorer. It's a matter of decision. What do you really want to get out of this lifetime. I have some secret pills on how to remain poor. Well, you want to get rich? you would have to figure that out yourself, because taking a journey to success is deliberate decision.

Wanna get poorer? Do these things
Sit Somewhere: Be myopic, let the only thing you know be what your daddy or  your pastor or imam tell you everytime you meet them.
Do nothing: Get no skill at'all, but look for easy way on everything. Do not strive to think about what you have to do, just watch people do the heavy task and then pity and commend them on how hardworking they are and how they have more strength than you do. 
Depend on other: Just pray all the time depending on God to do it all, or  wait for other people, your siblings, friends to come and help you with money all the time just because you think they were lucky
Then, you will surely be Poor.


Money is made...not given, you have to hack-away on tasks that have a value that people can pay for, then people would come pay to you. Boom! You get richer. Wealth is not no given, it is gotten. Even God doesn't give wealth, he giveth the power to get(Make) wealth (Deut 8:18);

Remember that they say "Knowledge Is Power". So, if God gave you knowledge, he already gave you the power to make wealth. While, you sit and do nothing with the knowledge, you get nothing but you just pray forever and remain poor. For he has answered your prayers a long time ago by giving you knowledge, which is the Power to get wealth.

So be hardworking...that is the only way to get wealth, the other way is to rob others of their money...and I don't think you really want to do that. 
IRE O! (Have a nice day)

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