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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. This quote by Alvin Tofller, should be in our mind as we go through this content. 

In recent times, an economic holocaust has overtaken nations around the earth, the rate at which folks all around the globe are struggling financially is on a rise. People need that urgent 2k now more than ever before, but this article tends to shift our perspective towards the abundance that resides within our reach.

Let us take a look at a scenario from the Bible, where Jesus Christ wanted to pay taxes, but had no funds to do that, so he delegated one of His disciplinarians; Peter to be precise, to go fishing. 
Just so you know, even Jesus Christ was in a position where he needed that urgent 2k, but was able to overcome it strategically without bothering anyone. 
Therefore, we are going to be learning from the greatest Teacher of all time, how to overcome the need for that urgent 2k, and hopefully put it to practice.

It is to be noted that Jesus Christ did not just delegate anybody to go fishing, He was precise and intentional about it, Peter, the 
experienced and skilled fisherman was sent to go cast a hook, not a net. And it must be the the first fish Peter catches that he would find money (fours drachma coin) in it's mouth, to pay taxes for both of them. 
Bible scholars believe it to be one of Jesus' many miracles, but eye sense it's a mystery of finance been unraveled by God. 

That been said, YOU have to acquire a skill set in other to gain access into the abundant resources in the sea. The sea here signifying the market space. The money removed from the fish's mouth was meant for a purpose, it would be in your best interest to know that if you invest a certain amount of money earned, the long-term goal would be financial freedom. 

It was the year 2013, I was a 200 level student at the university of Jos, and I needed funds to be able to see myself through school, you know, paying for handouts, 
transportation, feeding and all other extracurricular expenses, you name it. 
Hence, I needed a skill set to fetch me extra cash, and my 
friend, Ebenezer, introduced me to some other guy, Noah, 
who thought me how to do laundry, I on the other hand 
was already good at washing and ironing, but the skills set 
needed for a professional laundry service was quite unique.

I acquired the skill, the started casting my hook in the sea, that is, I took advantage of the community that I resided in, in no time, I got my first client, went ahead casting my hook again, and got me more clients. 
So, I invested in my academics with the little funds gotten from the laundry services I rendered, and graduated without bothering anyone or annoying anybody for that urgent 2k. That's just my own petty story. 

At this time and age, there are lot's of high demanding digital skill sets to be learnt, ranging from copywriting, digital marketing, coding, cryptography, animation and graphics design, web development and management etc. Other psychomotor activities such as hair making, shoe making, fashion designing,catering etc. 
You just know which of these skills sets best suit your gifts and die in it. 

PS: making money is action.

Keeping money is behavior..

growing money is knowledge...

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    Ngere Ikenna is a facilitator of learning, a content creator and a poet who is passionate and dedicated to solving real life problems...

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