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The day he eavesdropped  into my privy.
Was the day he salutes the squirrel.
I knelt  down with cries to his kingdom,
And begged him with all my wisdom.

But I think he is determined to swim my ocean.
It was in the dark deem part of the night.
I had no option but to pave way for his permission.
He fell into my ocean without fright.

I could smell the thick odour of beer from his mouth.
Why not on his face lies smiles of  no mercy
I stealthily gaze to the glass from the rear,
And stood to begging and pray to be lucky.

Then he roared like an hungry hyena.(shuuut up!)
Ready to paunch on me like his prey.
At this hour I remembered how I was taught to pray.
I kept mute and close my eyes to my brain.

He try to off his skin to show me his vein.
And pushed me to his death bed.
He forced my my my cloth and tore it plain.
I  started shivering and wish I was dead.

I looked into my past of holding this gift.
But deep down in him, he is ready to drink me to stupor.
I shouted on the top of my voice if I could see an helper.
But no one seems to hear the cry of an helpless girl.
He slapped my face and hold my breathe.

He forced himself into me so deep.
He paint me with his blue and black rod.
My ties became wet with bloody erosion.
I felt broken into pieces of air, I can't hold myself.

He made my pot of soup splash on the surface of my thigh. 
And also broke down the pot into pieces.
He enjoyed me for evil pleasure.
And cast in my brain a heavy tremor.


It down sadness in my eyes, and I rush to the glass.
And smashed it on his head with courage.
I used the broken part to peel his rod to the vein, and sent him to heaven.
It was a painful remembrance, he hew deep in my brain.
I cried profusely for my treasure is gone into ocean of  no return


@Ariyo Ahmad
May 23, 2019.

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    My name is Ariyo Ahmad from owode yewa,Ogun state , born in the year Dec 9,1996. A male by gender and a native of Abeokuta, Ogun state.

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