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Makinde Araoye can pass off as the “finest” of those running for office. It will come as a surprise that he is on my review list since he stated that he is dropping from the race 20th of December.

I started paying attention to him when influencers in the state started talking about him on Twitter. In all honesty, they talked about him a lot and his “benevolence” also cemented his name in everyone’s faces. Was I impressed?? Not really.

Makinde Araoye currently serve as the Special Adviser on Federal matters to Ekiti state Governor and was also former Special Assistant on Revenue Mobilization  at Federal ministry of Mines and investment.

However, his profile do not do much to explain his previous work experience/result that can assure us that he has the capacity to lead a state. Not a local government or ward, a full state that has existed for 25 years.

His educational background to me is unsystematic. Accountancy, Computer Information systems, Mechanical Engineering, MBA, Public Administration (Based on what his social media profile carries) I think people’s educational activities should reflect their interest.

If I want to judge by the active media hype he had before he stepped down, he did well. But I was particularly disturbed. I understand a little bit of Media and Public Relations and I think the most effective way to pass your information across is to somehow put it on the mouth of normal people. But here is the catch. The information you want to have out has to come off as genuine and not scripted. His campaign came off as scripted. Comments- copy and paste from his media guys, nothing solid we can hold on to. I’ll spare us the details of people’s reaction when he dropped from the race. The official statement did not do justice in anyway. I am probably one of the few people people who is equally concerned about younger persons doing politics the same way I am about ensuring that the right fit goes regardless of the age. That “

He barely talked on this personal channels about running for office. At a recent event, he sounded too cliche about politics in the state (I won’t go into that detail) which spoke volumes to me. Leaves us to wonder if there is some sort of mystery we are yet to unravel.

My subtle opinion.

I think he should make up his mind already and go all out if he really thinks he has the capacity to lead the state. “Interest of peace, cohesion and unity of party”- does not cut it. I was a little bit upset by his official statement to drop from the race. I thought this was it! Younger generations walking the talk and not having to switch because it’s convenient. We deserve better.

If he is about actual public service, he should consider taking a break from this whole space to go back to his drawing board and come up with solid plans that has the millennial touch. His work experience as the SA should be able to forge meaningful interstate partnerships and revenue growth.

Knowledge and access are important in a game like this and I think he as both. A little bit of adjustments here and there and we have the perfect fit. I like the young people he is surrounded with because I think some of them are sound.

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