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We need to reiterate the fact that digital communication is an integral part of governance at a time like this and to see that lots of communications are done in places we cannot feel or see, I don’t know what to say. More than ever, youths participation in politics is heightened if PVC registration figures are any pointer. It’s a new dawn whether we choose to admit or not.

Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, popularly known as BAO is also running in the Ekiti state’s 2022 governorship election under APC.  Let us start with reviewing where he is coming from.

Age- 54 years
Work experience/Educational background

  • Bsc Political science 
  • MSc in Political science (International relations and strategic studies) 
  • Worked as a Lecturer at the department of Political science 
  • Manager- Treasury and financial service at Omega bank PLC (now Heritage bank) 
  • Involved in Agribusiness for over 20 years and chairman of Con-Dois Farms Ltd 
  • Secretary- Committee for the creation of Ekiti state. 
  • Secretary- Ekiti state Development Fund 
  • Longest serving political office holder in the Government of Ekiti State for over 11 years with the most recent being the secretary to the state government(SSG)

Quite a lengthy and impressive portfolio if you ask me and for someone who has being in the system since the state has been created and has seen 11 leadership dispensation run by 9 people since 7th of October 1996, I’m sure he is a walking compendium. But something is missing. After trying to comb social media for what will look like a campaign promise in the slightest way, nothing. I think most people are thinking the same thing running through my mind. Is this really a public thing or party thing?? We see a lot of “BAO for Governor” but nothing tangible we can hold on to as what “BAO” will do.

It seems like we are starting to forget what a campaign promise is.

“ An election promise or campaign promise is a promise or guarantee made to the public by a candidate or political party that is trying to win an election.”
Key words: Promise, Public and candidate.

His long history with Political Science means he knows that Political science will examine the behaviors of world leaders and explore issues of power, conflict and justice. Students will study the development, political system, and function of governments in an attempt to ascertain the best practices for integration into new ideas and future proposals.

BAO is supposed to be our fresh breath of sunrise if the nexus between understanding politics and the real problems of the state means much.

In my personal opinion, his campaign promise, if he intends to show us anytime before the primaries should cover the following

  • The gap between the government and the people is too wide. While I understand that we have MDAs covering that gap but it’s not enlightening. The communication is one sided like it has always been. 
  • Youth inclusion- Not the kind of relationship we have at the moment. Actual youth involvement in not just politics but economic growth. What is the plan to engage this people? A visible plan, not some sort of empowerment program that is never effective. 
  • I know for a fact that if all the value chain of Agriculture is maximized in this state, our low GDP will be history and the ripple effect will shake the country. Production of export crops, Agro tourism, job creation, raw materials for other industries, Entrepreneur and investment opportunities, economic diversification, food security, reduce dependence on Northern Nigeria and all of this will yield a rich and sustainable economy

I also will not mind to see a review of the Agribusiness firm. I know of young people within and outside the state doing so much to bring ease to all the value chain of agriculture and the impact is felt tangibly. 20 years in Agribusiness is a whole lot and I’m interested in the structures, result in figures over the years, how Ekiti state has been beneficiary especially the labor market as well as future projection.

We don’t want 200 points agenda. Let me speak for myself. Plenty tasks and targets overburdens systems and structures. Why not focus on our strongest parts!? But how do we know all of this if we do not ask basic questions. For who? How? Where? And when?. We know the duration is 4 years.

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