Exes (Episode Nine)

Exes (Episode Nine)
April 17, 2019
Abdulhafeez Onitilo

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He actually took that false trip to Abeokuta to see his sister to explain what has been happening to him of late. 

He didn't disclose what happened in Ibadan to her but he did mention the current crisis he his having with his girlfriend. “You see that was your mistake, you should have asked her about her past relationships” his sister said after he explained everything to her. “Sis you know I don't dwell on the past especially when it comes to relationships or have you forgotten what happened the last time I was hell bent on knowing Taye's past” he replied her. “I can still remember that but like I told you then there are better ways to handle things like that, anyway what do you want to do about your girlfriend? She asked. “Sis I don't know that why I came here, I am just confused”. Do you love her? His sister asked. “Really sis, if I didn't I won’t be bothered, I for don send her pack in since”. “Alright I would suggest you give her the chance to explain herself, ask if the lesbian thing is something of the past or if she also doing it on the side”. “That is the point sis, I am scared of it been a thing on the side”. “If you truly love her then you need to know her mind because if you don't know her mind any decision you make might just be the wrong” her sis said.

See you have to believe me I have no idea he was the ex you told me about” Seun said again after Lekan had finally gone. “I believe you it just that I thought I was completely over him, seen him today just brought back some memories” Mercy replied. “I am sorry dear, what do you need me to do? Seun asked. “Don't worry I would have to handle this by myself perhaps you have an errand to run for your uncle if not I would have love to have you around just in case I need someone to talk to” she replied. “Don't worry I would cancel the trip, I can give my uncle an excuse” she said. “Seun you don't have to worry at least na just two days you dey spend, I can manage that” Mercy replied. Mercy did a lot of thinking while Seun was in Lagos, seen Lekan again did brought back some memories both good and bad ones, and at the end she saw herself laughing because she just realized that she had a lot of good memories with Lekan.

Lekan journey to Lagos was a very thoughtful one and the decision he arrived at was very unexpected, he concluded he wasn't going to tell her that he knew about her been a lesbian instead he was going to propose to her with the assumption that she would say yes and maybe that would just change her mind about the whole lesbian thing. When he got to Lagos he went to a jewellery store, got her a ring before heading to her house, he didn't bother to call her because he wanted to surprise her but on getting there he was the one that was surprise.

Seun got to Lagos around 4pm and just like Nkechi had said she was waiting for her at the park. She hired a taxi that took them from the park to her house as she was so excited to see her. After settling down in Nkechi house Seun decided to call Mercy to check up on her, “how was your journey? Mercy asked. “It was fine and you, how you coping? Seun asked. “Well I am doing fine, I am home didn't go to the store today”. “Hope all is well? Seun asked in a concern tone. “Yes everything is fine, I just wanted to rest that all” she replied. “Okay please I hope you aint thinking about what happened”,it was when Seun said this statement that Nkechi walked into the room. “Who was that? She asked after Seun had finished her call. “That was my girlfriend” she replied. “Oh I see, I guess you have to switch off your phone because I wouldn’t want any calls to disturb us most especially when we are getting it down” Nkechi said. “I am sorry but I can’t do that, remember I told about out little agreement” she replied back. “Yes you did and what about it? She said. “Well yesterday we were supposed to have sex with this guy that flirted with me only for us to find out that the guy was his ex boyfriend”.Oh My God! That weird how did you guys find out? Nkechi asked and that was how Seun told her everything that transpired. “Poor girl, how is she doing now? Nkechi asked. “Well she said she would be fine but I have told her to call me whenever she needs to talk, at least that the least I can do for her” Seun replied. “If you had told me this I would have asked you to stay with her, now I am feeling like a terrible person” Nkechi said. “Come on babe this had nothing to do with you perhaps I offered to stay but she said she would be fine though I feel bad too because she doesn’t really know why I am here”. “Well since you feel bad and I am feeling bad why not we get totally bad” Nkechi said with a smile on her face. “Are you suggesting what I am thinking? Seun asked. “I am only saying there is whiskey in the sitting room and you know how bad we get on whiskey” Nkechi said. “You know sometimes I wish you had remained that classroom girl” Seun said. “Well if I had you wouldn’t have the opportunity to taste and enjoy this sweet lovely girl” she said as she used her hand to touch her breast before she placed a kissed on her as she whispered “let go get the drink”.

After they had almost down a whole bottle of whiskey they started to make love to each other not before Nkechi had locked the door and placed the key on the centre table. As she was coming back to meet Seun on the chair she was seated, Seun stood up and met her with a kiss. She returned the kiss as she grabbed her tight, after kissing for about five minutes Nkechi pulled away a little and when she returned to Seun arms she was placing kisses all over her body as she was standing and moaning gently. As she was been kissed, Seun’s hands were on Nkechi hair as she was curling it right before she also jacked Nkechi up and placed a kiss on her neck from the side down to the middle of her chest. Nkechi was putting on a three buttoned shirt and as Seun was placing the kiss on her she used her tongue to release the buttons, after that she placed another hot kiss on her right before she pulled her shirt up and started placing kisses below her breast. Nkechi was also getting busy as she too was caressing Seun’s body using her hand to touch some sensitivity part on her body.  As Seun was busy using her tongue to caress Nkechi’s body, Nkechi was also busy as she was able to unhook Seun’s bra without taking off her shirt. After unhooking the bra she pulled her up placed a kiss on her before taking off the blouse she was wearing. 

Her smile was broad when she saw the exposed breast of Seun and like a year old baby that has been staved of food she began sucking Seun breast. While her mouth were busy sucking and licking Seun breast, Seun’s hands too were busy caressing Nkechi breast. After sucking her a bit she pulled away as she took away her top as they became topless, Seun pushed Nkechi to the chair before she met her with another hot kiss that lasted for about 10 minutes and after that Seun transferred the kiss from the mouth to the neck to the breast to the belly button as she used her hand to unzipped her trousers before placing some kiss on the tip of her virginal which sent a sensational feeling to Nkechi spine. Without wasting time she pulled off Nkechi’s trousers exposing her pant as she took the kiss from the top of her virginal back to her lips. Nkechi’s nipple became red hot as Seun was sucking it gently while using her hands to press and caress it. Nkechi’s body quavered as Seun uses her finger to touch her clitoris without taking off her pant, she moaned a little bit louder before she whispered some words into her ears and it was after those words Seun got up and they both headed to the room but that wasn't before Seun did a quick play with her tongue on Nkechi’s clitoris.

At exactly 6:30pm Lekan was in front of Nkechi’s door as he took another look at the ring he had bought, hoping she would say yes to him and they can moved pass this her lesbian thing. He would have headed home with the believe that Nkechi wasn't at home but he noticed that one side of the curtain was opened so he tried knocking again but as he was about to he remembered he had his own spare key which he had never even used before. There was the big flower vase outside the house and it was beneath it that he hid the key, so he went there to pick up the key opened the door and went in. At first he couldn’t comprehend what was going on, he saw two set of braziers on the floor, two different female tops, a bottle of whiskey and the trouser he both for Nkechi, all at different location in the sitting room and this made him very puzzled. He looked at the scene again and this time his eyes were more focus on the bottle of whiskey as he remembered that the last time he saw an empty bottle of alcohol his girlfriend was having phone sex and that was when it dawn on him that Nkechi might just be having sex with someone at the moment.

Nkechi was the one fingering Seun at the moment, she started with a finger before increasing to two and from two to three from three to four. As her fingers were inside Seun’s p***y, her mouth and the remaining fingers were busy with Seun’s breast as Seun was also using her to grab Nkechi’s breast whenever she could. Nkechi’s body began to quaver in a way she never imagined was possible as Seun decided to take over the show, she laid Nkechi on her back, kept her legs wide apart right before she started sucking and licking her clitoris for about 15minutes and this was when Nkechi started groaning really loud that it caught the attention of Lekan. Lekan was still in the sitting room lost in the thought of what he was going to do if he goes into the room and truly finds out that Nkechi is having sex with another girl. It was the moaning of Nkechi that brought him out of his thought and without thinking this time around he rushed to the bedroom and he almost had a heart attack with what he saw. Seun’s head was buried in between Nkechi legs as Nkechi was biting her lips, twisting her hips at the same time playing with her tits. “Jesus Christ! What in God’s name is this” he said as he came and saw what was happening.

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Abdulhafeez Onitilo

Assistant director Absolute Hearts Media, Writer, Digital Media Strategist and MC

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