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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Participant 13
I am indeed confuse on which form to take or which story to tell. On either being a butterfly that pollinate or a caterpillar that terminate. 
Writing about this is shrouded with rough edges because nature arguably agree so that he made her weakly strong. 
But calling nature he is debatable because I limit my knowledge of 'He', for 'HE' can not create, incubate and give birth like 'She' does. This nature is drawn directly from a woman because he behaves like her; she is beautiful, gentle and tender, I can't say nature is handsome or stronger like men are because if she were, the sun will be brighter and uncompassionate, tilling the soil would have been too tough for he would be too strong. 
But 'She' is fruitful, fertile and kind, so nature is; our trees bear fruit, our land grow crops, all these for free!
What if nature was trying to prove a point, show off strength? Would have been breaking our hoe and no spade will penetrate the soil between her legs, but our pen is! 
What if nature was competing with us? Showing anger using the atmosphere to express furry; we men claim to be wild, more wild than the wild wind, tell me who will win? 
What if nature doesn't take bath daily like we do? With monthly flow soiling between her legs, we will need gills to filter our breath and swim like fish.
What if nature was a politician? Using us for trade, deliberating on aborted souls. What if nature was careless, no compassion, no emotions or weakness to safe you from dead at birth.
What if nature joins the campaign for abortion because of it's legal right. Flushing mankind at will with no one asking why. 
What if nature was a man? I bet you, no man's seed would germinate upon her, he would be barren, tough and rough, courageous and full of rage. 
If nature was a man, no woman will survive, for she would have died for discrimination and lack of womb, there will be no eggs or nutrient to thrive on. 
But what if nature was a woman? She will be gentle and mild like our loamy soil, she will bear fruits and germinate our seeds. She will be compassionate, she will not be EQUAL to a man
But nature will definitely strike a balance on the line.

You are strong for the weak, rich for the poor.
You are masculine for the feminine, we all have equal rights.
You are permanent for the temporary, born to die. 
You came so you can go, why is it so? 
Treat a woman right, whether black or white, she deserves to be more than a wife. 
You are lite skin so you can Marvel and appreciate the skin that is dark.
You are a woman for a man. A man for a woman, we both have pride. We should respect nature and break culture for we can limitedly fit into each other's shoes! 
My question is! What if a woman was not a woman, what then will make you a man?

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