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I’m giving my first review on Kayode Ojo! I tried to check through from when he ran for office in 2018.  I think there’s a lot of adjustments with this campaign promise from then and now. Some sort of “growing up”. He used the regular campaign gimmick... “Free health care”- Foundation like approach.

The bulk of his promise were centered round

  • Making the state independent
  • Advocate for human capacity development
  • Sort electricity problems
  • Target restoring Ekiti state
  • Prioritize salary payment and arrears
  • Create sustainable development

All of this are really good. At least, it is what we want to hear but is that really what we need to actually achieve sustainable growth? And what’s the chances of reaching 70% achievement within 4 years of his tenure?.

The communication language in that time was more of pointing fingers than accentuating what he has the capacity to do. A major problem Nigeria has. His campaign page handler.... whoever that is should take a class on perception management. I understand that you want to show other people’s loopholes to look good but we are quick to forget that this is not a debate. We are discussing governance. “Stomach infrastructure” isn’t a bad thing... maybe with the way it is being used here. We are not talking about getting people good food to eat daily or monthly stipends to sort. Poverty alleviation is a big deal! Africa should know that already! And the truth is, a lot of social vices are linked to that singular problem than we choose to account for. This explains that we barely have thorough understanding of Problems that we have or maybe it’s that we choose not to look inwardly.

For me, using that foundation mask is a total turn off. We can see through it! I am glad he didn’t fly with that this time.

He evolved with this campaign. Time settled nicely with him. The complaining that his media handler used as a tool in 2017/18, was not replicated this time. But I have lots of problems with his promise even though they are well constructed

- Give youths enabling environment and sufficient support.  In what aspect specifically? 

- Investing in people by bringing in industries, expand tourism capacity and tapping into Agriculture 

- Create a “Master Plan”

-Invest massively on infrastructure 

- Encourage investment 

- Resolve power issues

Sounds good??? Yes! It’s too abstract! Guess what the campaign ground words will be? “We will make good roads for you” “your children will have work” “we will bring people from the abroad to invest here” but guess who won’t be able to see this happen? Normal people! The ones with the bulk of the votes.

What should be said instead

- What you intend to do as it relates with your personal strength and work experience 

- Key performance index that we can use to hold you accountable

I checked through SALTA infrastructure where he is the MD/CEO. KO, based on his work experience should not have a problem with handling infrastructural projects from start to finish which is not a bad thing at this point. We need sustainability at this time.

Personally, I think his focus should be on fresh markets that have the capacity to grow exponentially. I understand what it means to want to look into Governor Fayemi’s master plan and see what they can adopt but can you really fit into JKF’s thought process?  Tourism in Ekiti is an attractive unit. Although still very crude, but it will take lesser resources to get it running in the barest minimum. It’s only easy to find investors for a project that is at the scale up or expansion stage. This would have ripple effect and naturally create job opportunities, improve standard of living, shrink the system to cough out good roads as well as better security. Other existing MDAs can focus to servicing themselves, and working on one or two major tangible projects per year. This will increase the popularity of the state, attract more people down here. Since there is no oil and gas here, you can focus on tapping into natural resources strategically.

We need clarification on the “infrastructure” your administration will bring on board how you intend to provide “support” for young people. I think myself and several other Nigerians are tired of listening to plenty unrealistic campaign promise. We want to know that you understand the problem, you have a holistic well thought out plan and we can all check the result overtime. 

This is my most sincere opinion

I’m about ensuring that things work out and people tap into their natural strength.

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