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Politics as it were is a game of numbers and we have seen how overtime aspirants  go  all out to give a successful/I-am-loved image. But in the midst of all this, our analytical minds is forced to question if the ones with the crowd are really with the capacity to make the change we are all looking for.


In Africa, poverty and philanthropy acts are a major tool and somehow we can see through it. Human needs are naturally insatiable and any kind guesture that is not laced with lots of sustainability is not going to be effective.


Ademola Popoola made his intention to run for office public and has since being followed by series of jaw dropping activities. I have an economic outlook for that but let’s first find a balance between his campaign promise and his work experience.


  1. Restore free health and education
  2. Industry, technological and recreational revolution
  3. Introduce vocational trainings in senatorial districts
  4. Local government’s full autonomy
  5. Introduce produce exchange
  6. Adopt all Mechanism to industrialize the state
  7. Create jobs for youths
  8. Promote entrepreneurship
  9. Standardize educational infrastructure and invest in quality teachers and administrators
  10. Turn cultural heritage into a hub of financial income.


Quite a list we have here as it covers all the major sectors. In four years?? Definitely not.  Ekiti’s state’s current allocation is barely enough to service all the MDAs as well as work on new projects. It’s therefore a difficult task to actively put funds into capital intensive projects. But are there ways round it? Most likely.


Let’s take a sneak peek of his work/education background

  1. He studied Estate management in OAU
  2. Worked as Special Adviser to Minister of Police Affairs
  3. CEO Emmanpo Ventures that manages air sides of airports
  4. Worked as Director of foreign affairs and Diaspora to Governor Jide Sanwoolu
  5. CEO ODEP foundation that assists with medical bills and youth empowerment and also supports widows.


His work experience shows that he has enough knowledge in estate management. Ekiti state has housing problems and nothing is being done and I am surprised that non of his plans covers that. How about creating affordable housing units with flexible payment plans? Or workspaces units to promos the collaborations as well as entrepreneurship in the state? We have the lands available and investors will be very happy to have a Public Private Housing programs and the state would not have to do much. I think new administrations need to start thinking like this is business. The state needs lots of Internally Generated Revenue to keep up and it’s just safe that we have a “business” oriented person run the state.


The last year had been challenging Security wise for the state with issues ranging from kidnapping, cult clash, Herds men attacks etc. Your in-depth understanding of how security works and how the structure can be better will be a welcome addition here.

Social work and philanthropy is not SUSTAINABLE in governance. The government cannot possibly be everything to everyone and that’s a fact we should take note of but what can be done is to ensure that we create enabling environment for people to grow. Following ODEP foundation’s operations for some months, it brings to mind how we do not have logical business people running for office. Within the space of Six months, ODEP Foundation  have worked on 150 million naira empowerment program for youths and artisans, 50 million empowerment  program in October, sort hospital bills amongst others. While it’s a laudable project, we should ask some basic questions. It is not a bad idea to use possible options to put your name in the mouth of many people but how about we do it differently. To my questions.


How many people were beneficiaries?

What’s the breakdown of costs and expenses?

What dividend is the investment in this people supposed to yield?

Where are the data that backs up your activities?

What’s the sustainability plan for that if you eventually emerge as the governor?

This Foundation facade is tiring and difficult to keep up with. You can show that you care about grassroots but not have the capacity to make things work. Public service is not charity and it shouldn’t be treated as such. 

We need to start voting for Quality leaders that have the capacity to help us grow. A review of GDP growth done is 2010 puts Ekiti state at 33 of the 36 states in Nigeria and the gap till now is not so encouraging. We need people that understands accountability, how money works, how people work and can draw a cost effective plan to ensuring that the state is in a good space after four years. 

We don’t need as much as we think we need to make Ekiti State into a sort after state. 

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