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So this is the gist, 2020 was still a great year despite the great challenges it brought to us all. 

This year, I worked with various brands and startups and most of them are owned by my friends which I am proud of. 

Sometimes during this year I was working with a friend (Name withheld), at first  things were working fine not until, when I began to feel a need to do more but things were not adding up, so I began to retrace what was wrong and I could not find it. So I spoke with my friend about what I felt was wrong and then for weeks things did not change. Guess what I did, I moved out of that brand because I don't want to be the one holding the brand back. 

Well, it was not the best feeling for me because it was difficult but I had to do what works for me. 

Lesson: Yes, I understand it will be difficult to make a decision of what works for you but remember you must take that step for yourself and don't because of personal relationships not take the decision that works for you. 

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