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As a young person who is just stepping out of the comfort zone and setting on the purpose discovery Journey.  We walk the talk for few months and then the desire to be known and popular begins to burn within us.

We want to be reckon with, and want everyone to know who we are and what we do.

We want to be recognized in the public and get annoyed whenever our works aren't applauded despite the efforts we are putting into it.

We want to be famous even if we are still newbies committing lots of mistakes and errors.  We just want to do very little and be perceived as public figures

We have forgotten the place of preparation and hard work. The place of diligence and little beginning.

We don't want to hear the word "consistency and diligence"

We want to sleep and wake up one day with 500K likes and 100K comments without putting the necessary inputs before getting the outputs.

Bola just started writing last month and she wants to be like John Obidi  . Ojo is a poet for just 1 year and he wants to write like @Maya Anjelou

Samson is a young minister and he will always compare himself to the likes of Pastor Adeboye, Kumuyi while ministering.

There is a great lesson I learnt from Tunde Onakoya, the convener of Cheese in the slums and the holy book supports it  "If a man is diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mare men"

In other words, if you are consistent in what you do, people will reckon with you as a force and even preach your gospel by announcing you and what you do.

Instead of fighting for Spotlight, start equipping yourself, heads up and be consistent.

You shine soonest.

© Damilola Oyeyemi

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