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When we hear the word 'distraction', what comes to our mind can be one of Unreasonable Engagements, Negative Activities, Unproductive things.  Have you for once thought about the fact that it could come to you as a thing that seem positive, such thing like an opportunity
It is not sufficient to plan, but to pursue through focus and persevere towards achieving a desirable result. Most times, we start some things and while we are at it, it looks like it won't work. Yes, everything has a phase and one has to be focus enough to pass the test of perseverance to make  that thing which seems impossible come to light. But while we pursue our well drafted goals, more things that looks like an opportunity may surface. It is important at this state to be able to discern if this is a distraction or an opportunity. 
Take for instance, a young man once attempted to pursue a life long dream, to learn a  skill that would cost him time and money, but the after-mart would be profitable. But while he was at the stage of starting to train, a job offer came, that would require all his time. This Job offer might be a distraction to this young man, depending on the after-mart of the skill he was going to learn, but at that moment, the job came looking like an opportunity to make money. To be able to figure out which one it is in between Opportunity or Distraction, one have to consider certain things:

1. We all need to ask questions of long time and short term effects of everything that comes to us. 
2. We all have to look at futuristic tendencies of everything that comes to us. 

3. We all have to ask about why we want to do anything or why we have to take an opportunity.

4. We all have to ask about what an opportunity would cost us and how it affects everything we have running at the moment.

After these important checks, we should be able to decide if the offer is really an opportunity or a distraction.
It is therefore important to bear in mind that distraction doesn't always come as a negative thing,. They also sometimes come as an opportunity which has made many dream lost just because wrong things were pursued. Even as we do what we thing is best, let's always proceed on all things with caution. 
IRE O (Have a good time);

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