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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Participant 6

I am a man
Encapsulated by society's demands
I wasn't made just to struggle and to woo
I have feelings and emotions too
How do I tell you I am tired of this guise?
How do I say I'm done living in dis-guise

I have my own dreams, don't cajole me
Don't tell me they are feminine, let it be
Because of society I falsify "tough"
To avoid the usual "you're not man enough"
My soul is in distress, my hopes' on the ground
Let me cry out, lest in sorrow I drown

I am a wo-man
I was not made to be a woe to man
Look beyond this physical frame- this body
I am nature's potential remedy
I was not created to become a living punch bag 
To soothe the fists of humans with an anger tag

I crave affection; desire attention
I am not an object of sexual gratification
I have dreams and aspirations too
But naivety makes my ambitions meet their Waterloo
Why don't you let me speak up, speak out?
Why won't you let me mumble my heart out?

We are a duo of uniqueness
Each with its strength and weakness
Physiologically diverse; psychologically vast: similar. Equal
Let society be fair to all


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