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The dusky night is far spent

In our journey of our tender love

Odds have come to dent

Rob us of our first love


I appreciate your time shared

By moments of loveless times

With us in our lives ensnared

With rages of fights unparalleled


You took away my cherished innocence

Drag me into the mud of conscience

Spill my nectar of pride in pretense

In the public among your drunken friends


I saw your posts on Facebook

Shredding my comely beauty

Comments flowed like a purling muddy brook

Laudatory of your devious gimmicks


I felt the blaring chronic numbness

In the volume of your sardonic voice

Scanty touches, freaking heedless

Of my votive pleas of want of you


My heart died a multiple times

When you trampled on my emotions

So loud to wake up the dead rhymes

Buried in the graveyard of my poetry

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    The author has the flair in the affairs of the mathematical, managerial and matters of the art of word craft. He enjoys in engaging poetry and song writing as an exponents of encouragement, enlightenment, easiness and entertainment. He is a graduate of Civil Engineering with First Class Honours

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