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DeVices_Series 2020 (Workgroup)


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Participant 17

Dear soulmate
I'd have you know that
A third-party is not welcomed in our affair
Each and every disagreement between us
Should be sorted out before the end of 24hours

Dear soulmate
Your body is mine
And mine is yours
To do with as please
We'd make wild love to each other on the cushion
Once in the morning
Twice in the afternoon
Thrice in the evening

Dear soulmate
I'd take you to fancy dinners
And clear the bills
On our every outing
And you'd bring me flowers
On our every anniversary

Dear soulmate
You shall not dictate to me my duties
I shall play the role
Of a virtuous woman in our home
I'd prepare fancy dinners
For you,
For your friends
And the nation as a whole

Dear soulmate
I shall have a say and stance In our family matters,
While i do the laundry
You'd do the dishes
While I set the house in array,
You'd bathe our kids

Dear soulmate
Once in every year
We'd go somewhere fanciful for our vacation
You and I alone
Where I hope we rekindle our love
And fuel each other

Dear soulmate
This is what I term
'our marital division of labor'
Where we both have equal rights
As a husband
And as a wife
In 'our' own home!

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