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It all started  very sweet

I thought this was my last bus stop

At least I have seen someone

Someone who loves me as much as i do

Caring is an understatement 

He constantly showers me with gifts and attention 

That even my parents cannot provide

Where should I start from?

Is it the surprise  birthday parties? 

Or trip to places?

Little did I know that this was the making

The making of him turning to a beast

All the sweetness went down the drain 

He started cheating

And he had the guts to call her his cousin 

In my head I was like

"Do i have tribal mark in my brain? "

I was not ready to quit for flimsy excuse

I gave him my body

In which he  constantly  derived  pleasure in

I compromised on a lot of things 

I left my pride and dignity to be with him

Now, I knew it was wrong

But I did it anyway

My friends were never in support 

I thought  I would be able to have him all to myself

Away from the grip of those skinny lookig ladies

But again,

I was wrong 

He became a fully fleshed beast

Beats me up when I protest about him cheating

I have actually  heard of people with anger issues 

Little did i know that I had one for a boyfriend

One minute  he is all crazy 

The othe minute he is begging and sweet

And the height of it

He is very overprotective  and domineering 

I thought it only happens in Nigerian movies

Until I experienced  it in the past 3 years of my life

Now i am ready to walk out of it

But how?

I stay in his apartment 

My parents don't  know about it

I am now hopeless and homeless

But I have decided

To walk out now

Regardless of the shame I will experience 

I just hope he doesn't threaten to kill me

Well physical death might be more fascinating 

More fascinating than the emotional death

Don't  jugde me

Because you are not in my shoes 

Only someone who is will understand 

I am done with relationships

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