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Episode 2
They arrived at the police station and they took off
his clothes, collected all the money in his pocket
and his phone and locked him up in a cell where
there were about 5men. The place was dirty and
smelly, with different things written and drawn on
the walls with chalks, he wondered who gave them
chalk to draw all these rubbish, there was a nice
drawing of a naked woman on the wall and
another drawing of a woman’s private part and all
other nonsense. The men looked at him as he
came in; he saw someone who was relaxing on the
wall with another waving a piece of cartoon to his
face; this was something he saw in movies but
now he was seeing it real life, he then knew that,
that must be the so called king of the cage “o boy,
show” the king said to him, he then walked to him
quietly. “You no sabi greet Oba abi?” he said to
Luke; he had a Yoruba accent “Luke was silent and
didn’t alter a word at first “You deaf?” he
increased his voice; for peace to reign Luke
greeted him “Good Morning” “E dor ba le” another
inmate shouted at Luke “E fi le” the King said
“What does that mean?” Luke asked and they
laughed “O nso Oyibo” the leader said “Lie down
and greet” somebody said and Luke smiled “So
because I greet you, you won turn me to Mumu
abi, e be like say you dey mad” Luke said
“Haaaa!!” they shouted; the leader stood up facing
Luke eye ball to eye ball, and suddenly he slapped
Luke but Luke caught his hand before it got to his
face; Luke then gave him a hot slap on his neck
and he fainted. At that moment there was silence
in the ‘Realm of thieves’. Luke walked to another
part of the cell and sat down close to a man who
has been quiet all through the time; Luke was with
a strong face. “My name is Ade” the quiet guy said
and Luke looked at him for like 3secs then looked
away “Luke” he replied “Why are you here?” he
asked Luke “False Accusation” Luke said without
smiling “Hmmm, that happens a lot” Ade said A
police man walked to the cell door “Na who be Ade
for here” he said loudly “Na me” Ade said and
stood up “Oya come outside, God don save you”
the Police officer said and opened the door for Ade
to come out.


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