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All thanks to God that washed our sins away.
His only begotten Son was nailed on the cross of Calvary.
He suffered for me and also for you.
Our sins are forgiven and now we are free.

It's a great privilege to be alive today, spending 25 years on Earth isn't by my power, nor by my might.
I give all the Glory to God; OLÓRUNAYÒ.
Even if I have ten thousand tongues, it still won't be enough for everything God has done for me.

He has never forsaken me, nor turn deaf ear to me whenever I call for His help, these no Man can do for me.

I have escaped death, accidents, hunger, debt, trouble, failure etc, some times I do wonder why God has been so faithful to me and my family.

Was it because I was cool headed?
Was it because I do endure?
Was it because I'm always careful?
Was it because I'm more patient than others?
Was it because I came from a humble background?
Was it because I'm contented with what I have?

But, I discovered that God has sacrificed His only begotten Son for me.
Through His death, my problems are dead.
No untimely death, no accident, no hunger, no debt, no failure, no trouble whatsoever.

I have the Living God to myself; OLÓRUNAYÒ.
I am a Son of Grace.
The Grace is working for me.

Special thanks  to my Parent, Over 200 Mentors across the world, Relations, Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Workers, Teams, Partners, Like minds, School mates, Neighbours and everyone out there who has been calling, texting, chatting, posting and celebrating my special day with me.

Join me in Celebration of my Birthday....

Friday 26th November, 2021:  SGDP ANNUAL CONCERT 2021.
Venue: Ayegbaju-Ekiti Town Hall
Time: 3pm

Sunday 28th November, 2021: SGDP ANNUAL SUMMIT 2021 (3rd Edition).
Venue: Ayegbaju-Ekiti Town Hall
Time: 3pm
• Giving of Scholarship to Outstanding Students in our ANNUAL CHAMPION'S TEST 2021.
• Presentation of Awards to Grassroots Developers and Certificates to Outstanding Students.
• Graduation of SGDP Computer Trainee.
• Celebration of the Convener's Silver Jubilee.

For your support/contribution:
Acc. No.: 2091378211
Acc. Name: Adamolekun Ayomide Jacob
Bank Name: UBA
(You can sow a seed of love)


Sustainable Grassroots Development Program (SGDP) a leading NGO in Ekiti State and across Nigeria was inaugurated as a way of celebrating the Convener's Birthday Annually, but through God's intervention it has gone beyond that.

Sustainable Grassroots Development Program (SGDP) is aimed at discovering, deliberating and procuring sustainable solutions to the societal problems right from the grassroots to the nooks and crannies of the Nation.
It is our collective responsibility and a mandate given to all human to cater for the needs of others and ensure sustainable action is taken towards the re-occurrence of such situation.
SGDP is an avenue whereby Visionary Like-Minded Youths sees as an opportunity to impact lives, build working relationships, train youths to becoming self reliant and dependent by organizing trainings, seminars, empowerment and enhancement programs etc.
It is also an avenue whereby individual's talents and natural assets are being discovered, rewarded, promoted and developed to ensures for personal development, greatness and Destiny Fulfilment.
We are saddled with the responsibility of achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs.), mostly Goal 4 (Quality Education) and Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).
And we've been able to touch the following Goals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 16 and 17 through our Impact Projects.

Be a solution to the problems the society and it's people are facing because if you fails to take it as a task, others too will neglect it.

Making Positive Global Change. (To be found in all the States of the federation).

To complement the efforts of Government by ensuring for a society that will be livable by all and sundry, being a voice to the voiceless, helper to the helpless and thereby procuring sustainable solutions to the societal problems.

We Are For The Masses.

SGDP Results so far:
i. Over 80 Students that benefitted from SGDP FREE JAMB SLOTS have been admitted to various Higher Institutions in Nigeria.

ii. Over 100 Students that attended SGDP FREE JAMB and WAEC Coaching are performing excellently and as well passed their Internal and External Examinations.

iii. SGDP FREE COMPUTER TRAINING AND GRAPHICS DESIGN for all Secondary Schools Students have made several young ones (over 100 Students) to have the knowledge of Computer usage and application softwares.

iv. Scholarships to FIRST CLASS Students in Higher Institutions so as to encourage others and to as well motivate those existing geniuses.

v. Bursaries to Students in Higher Institutions whose parents are incapacitated or probably an orphan.

vi. Cash prizes and several writing materials to pupils in primary Schools and Students in Secondary Schools to encourage them to put more effort to their learning as well as motivate others to work themselves to be beneficiaries in the consecutive ones.

vii. Community Readers Club has really helped both pupils in primary Schools and Students in Secondary Schools to cultivate good reading habits as "Readers are emerging Leaders".

viii. Sensitization Programmes for Primary and Secondary Schools Students covering various sectors of the economy.

ix. SGDP FREE TRAINING on Rabbit rearing, production, WHO specified benefits and global marketing.

x. SGDP Partnership with Ayegbaju-Ekiti Task Force on How to generate more Internally Generated Revenue in the community through Security due, Development fee and many more.

xi. SGDP's Partnership with GIGMOF SCHOOL of Mentoring (GSM) so as to Mentor and teach our Youths and Students and to as well Empower those that are outstanding with the provision of Grant.

xii. SGDP'S Champion's Test, Prizes, Certificates and Awards so as to Celebrate the outstanding Pupils and Students, also to Appreciate and Motivate the Teachers and to as well Celebrate the Great People who are Contributing to the Development of the Community and the State as a whole.

xiii. SGDP's Collaboration with various Organizations, Companies, Groups, Associations, Foundations and Non-Governmental Organizations within and outside the State.

xiv. SGDP Free Skills Acquisition, Enhancement and Empowerment Program (Proposed).

xv. SGDP ANNUAL CONCERT, Talent Show and Discovery (Music and Entertainment Competition).

xvi. SGDP Community Library with well established Book Club (Proposed).

xvii. SGDP Community Recreational Centre (Proposed).

xviii. SGDP Warrior and Arrow Virtual Show.

xix. SGDP Operation Feed the People (Orphans, Widows, Widowers, Aged and Disabled).

xx. SGDP Sports Competition (Race Competition, Football, Outdoor and Indoor games).

xxi. SGDP Awards of Excellence and Certificate.

xxii. SGDP Scholarship.

SGDP Impact Project's Target:
i. Children/Pupils.
ii. Students.
iii. Graduates and post graduates.
iv. Youths.
v. Disables.
vi. Adults.
vii. Widows/Widowers.
viii. Communities.
ix. Civil Servants and Private Sector.
x. Government.

I charge you all to start celebrating your birthdays in an impactful way, rather than blowing a huge sum of money in a wasteful ways.
Several lives can be impacted on your birthdays.
That meagre sum you'll give as charity may make another Man's live better.
Note: If your charity does not benefit the people around you, do not bother exporting it ...... Like charity begins from home, but it doesn't ends there.

Your people needs you just as my people needs me too.
It's a mandate given to all human to cater for the needs of others and to ensure sustainable solution is being proferred to such problem.

I congratulate myself for spending the first 25years of my life judiciously and impactfully.
Cheers to good health, long live, sound mind and affluence.

God Bless Nigeria
God Bless Ekiti State
God Bless Ayegbaju-Ekiti
God Bless Ayo Adamolekun
God Bless SGDP
God Bless You

Hon. Adamolekun Jacob Ayomide
Contact: 08062528016
Ekiti State 2021 SDGs Goal 11 Advocate
National Coordinator, Sustainable Grassroots Development Program (SGDP)
Manager, Sir. Confidence SC Band
Auditor General, Federation of Ayegbaju-Ekiti Students Union (FASU)
Social Director, ADLADOF Old Students Association (ADLADOFOSA)
Asst. Coordinator, Life After School Foundation (LASF)
Kids Guardian, Anglican Children Ministry (ACM)

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