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It was a Sunday, Tunde and Benson had come over to Uche’s place. Tunde was currently working on campaign for a new client and wanted Uche to help him develop some content he can use and as for Benson, he just came to chill with his people.

After they were through with their work, they got to gist and Benson brought up the issue of a girl he met on Instagram.

Benson: Why I go dey lie you?

Tunde: Anyway e possible sha, Uche you remember that girl way I add from your Twitter?

Uche: Which girl be that?

Tunde: That one way I ask about that time we first meet na, wey dey always like to reply your tweet

Uche: Oh that naughty girl, wetin be name her self?

Tunde: Whether na Blessing or Favour I no even remember but that girl parole didn’t take me more than two weeks

Benson: See na social media girls fit do am now, once you slide into their DM like this, e don finish

Uche:  Till you slide into all these small girl big God girl DM

Benson: Forget, all those things na scam, most of them just won f*ck ni, the money is by the way

Tunde: Fact mehn, all they really want is some good D.

Later that night, after his friends had left, Uche decided to check his Twitter before going to bed, he considered what Tunde and Benson had said about how easy it is to catch a girl online, so that night he decided to have some fun. He checked some of his followers to see if there was any girl he could say Hi to but the few girls he checked were people he didn’t find interesting so he just closed lappy and went to sleep.

A week after, he came across a thread about worst pick up line ever, so he decided to read the replies under it and they were so many hilarious replies but there was this particular reply that caught his attention. “Bae I’m thirsty and you look like a coke bottle, I won’t mind drinking you”, this was the reply that caught his attention the most, he went ahead to check the person's handle and he got more interested when he saw the bio.

The handle is @that_bimbochick and the bio says "If I don’t pop up on your TL, you don’t have TL, #shootyourshot, #ifyoumissyoumiss", he laughed as he read the bio. He decided to go through her timeline to see some of her tweets and after checking about 15 tweets on her timeline, he decides to shoot his shot. He went into her DM and said “Thanks to you, I now have a timeline and this is me trying to shoot my shot, hope it won’t go down as your worst pick up line”.

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