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Be my sunshine:
Engulf my life
With rays of ecstasy,
And banish the aura of gloom.

Be my flower:
Make my life bloom
And adorned with dazzling beauty,
Like peach blossoms on a spring morn.

Be my star:
A suiting partner
For the clouds at night, and
Shower my life with luminance.

Be my honey:
Sprinkle sweetness into my heart;
Let me revel like the carefree birds
Living each day like eternity.

Build my life
With the foundation of trust;
Enclose it with walls of love.
Paint it with colors of hope
Roof it with joy
Dazzling to the sight.

Hold me in your arms;
Pamper me like a child
Who finds solace in mother's bosom
After a weary long parting.

Be my partner:
Hand in hand,
We will walk
Through plains and thorns
Together we will conquer
The battles of life.

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