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This thought dropped to my heart in the course of the night and having meditated on it, I found it crystal clear and valid to be of help.

I unearthed that many go through life without fulfilling the vision and purpose for which God created them.

There could many reasons for this shortcomings, but this one stands tall among them, and that is the care - free attitude attached to the fulfillment of this purpose.

While this stay true, it is wise to say that sometimes, parents especially in our present world are not helping the situation.  

They do not see encouraging their children to make wise plans and decisions in life as a task worth embarking on. 

I was equally a victim of this,  but thanks be God who opened my eyes of understanding to this reality.

Regrettably, many parents don't miss the excitement that comes with making lists for shopping before going to the store but only few make list of what they want to live for. 



And this resonates into how they treats their children's life. 

The big question here is,  "Do you have plans for your life? Do you make list of what you want for your life? "

If peradventure you don't have this,  you are not ready for intentional living. Don't forget, the world makes room for only men that knows where they are going.

I pray the Lord will help your heart to know what His plan  for your live is.



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    I'm an easygoing man, driving by purpose and vision. A lover of God, I write, I speak and I Teach.

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