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I hope you see what time is trying to do to us.
I hope you see what the economy is portraying me to be.
Can you see how distance is drawing unnecessary boundaries?
I hope you can hear my heart speaking.

I hope you understand that these fingers are currently too big to type for a long time. 
I hope you can pardon these taste buds that are numb of your great cooking skill.
I hope you see the excitement of your presence behind those frowns this choking medications and pin pains have created.
I hope you see symptoms of the magic we made and not ingratitude when I throw that nice treat up.

Do you know I attend to all your complaints upstairs?
I hope you are aware that the stress declares state of emergency upstairs at intervals.
I hope you understand that the neurons  are too weak to deliver them to you downstairs.

I hope you see what life is doing to me.
I hope you see my intentions.
I hope this time passes like a flash.
I hope you understand.

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