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And At The Fullness Of Time....

You ain't married yet, your mates are making babies, relax; till the Fullness of Time.

Your mates are in school, studying, you're still sitting in daddy's parlor all day; wait, let the Fullness of Time reach.

You are still in the labour market, friends are working already; it's yet the Fullness of Time.

You'll be thirty tomorrow, yet no suitor seem to be approaching; untill it is the Fullness of Time.

It's your seventh wedding anniversary, issues are yet to come; unless when it is the Fullness of Time.

Everything seems to be stagnant; it isn't the Fullness of Time yet.

When everything suddenly becomes tedious; it's about to be the Fullness of Time.

When opportunities longed for becomes adversities; the Fullness of Time will be soon.

When would it be? The Fullness Of Time, when shall it be? 

Its nigh, nearer than expected, it will soon arrive, the new dawn gonna be here soon. 

Just know that if it isn't the Fullness of Time, (the time assigned for it to happen), nothing is gonna show forth. 

Relax,  strife further, don't look back, just keep the focus and follow the map. Don't try taking another route not in the map. Be steady in your path to success. You will see The New Dawn, the Fullness of Time lying ahead of you. Then all hope is restored, appointments longed for, working out, and the success longed for achieved. 

That's The Fullness Of Time.


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