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Covid - 19 (Workgroup)


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The living will never forget this tale

History will tell of it and never fail;

A global attack, the first of its kind

A pandemic raining fire, whose cure was "hardest to find" 

Young and old, the wretched and the rich

White and black,none was above its reach

'the rich will cry, the poor will suffer'; the prophesy is revealed

Corpse daily multiplying, quarantine zones are filled

Compulsory vacation in all places of congregation

"The Dreaded Corona", in all our thought and conversation

Here and now, the dead mocks the living, the unborn is scared

The markets are empty, the streets are cleared

Caution is the new safety, lockdown; the new protocol

This conundrum has the world shaking to its very core

The world is united and broken by a virus

But for now and always ; only God can save us

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