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Turn round around
Get me astounding 
Wait for me 
Do not disagree
Let us glue
Traces of you
Superb memories abounding 
Which keeps funding
With kindest emotion
My hearty devotion 
Playing thy guitar 
But we are
Not to share
What duties ensnare
And the honor 
Of great Connor 
Shining so bright
How cognizance ignite 
Like the TRUTH
Mixed with Vermouth
Land massive STARS 
Yielding flavored hectares 
Humans march upon 
Earth's free cons 
Awarding less duties
To foreign beauties
Pleasing young hearts 
Praised enchanting arts
Teasing loyal minds
Eyes open blind 
Lurking safe trip 
How loyalties gyp 
In fearful journey 
Trading scornful honey 
Dark souls morn
After trust warns
To savage peace
In lovely teases
With pretense borrowed 
I rarely kowtow
With watery words
Keeping young birds
From eagles gazes
Forsaken reasonable promises

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