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From the series "AFRICA IS WEEPING"


This is a vast land;
Of diverse tribes.
An Islamic country; which ought
to be known for peace.

Algeria; A nation carved-up
from the colonial rock of France
In the year 1962
To maintain her autonomy.

A nation of shattered peace
Where Muslim are killing Muslims
Is this also a Jihad? Or a
souless act that is bad.

We have been an home for diverse tribes for long
People are willfully coming along
What is the cause of this enmity
which raise the tail of our loving rabbit?

This cannot be handiwork of our people
It might be, but a little bit couple
We wage war, but not to the people of our own
If them, then what's out duty on the throne?

Africa is a tree with broad leaves
A known family of mangrove
whose leaves are touching tip to tip
Verily, they would shatter on a mere rip.

This nation is for Islam by birth
What does this Islamization meant for?
We ought to be living in mirth
But rather we are done for.

It seems our leaders are the cause
But putting the thinking straight into abacus
Why would they destroy their tribe?
Maybe they've been given a bribe.

This is certainly coming from outsider
Whose plan is not a meander
Let's come together and try to Unite
So that our dying candle will again be ignite
And our Islamic tribe will tremble back on it's peace.

© Bello Abdul Hakeem
July 06, 2019.
All Copyrights Reserved

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    I'm a growing writer from southwestern part of Nigeria. A born poet and a poetry enthusiast.

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