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“Ella…niboni o ti’n bo ni asiko yii?” Mr. Wale inquired from his kid. He had feared the worst… Her mother had left him years ago and he was alone to cater for their 15-year old daughter.

“Not with all the things happening in this country, iwo omo yii”

“I was at Bola’s, we had an assignment to complete and I needed the aid, she’s the most brilliant you know..” she answered.

“Ohh… but you know dear, that this country is now too dangerous a place to stay out too long…please do the needful and return home quick, shogbo? .”

“Okay Sir”, she responded.



niboni o ti’n bo ni asiko yii – where are you coming from by this late hour?
iwo omo yii – you this child
shogbo? – do you understand?

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