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The sky has been blue
Since ages ago
Before myself was born
Or even more, concieved

The sun has been shinning
Since the start of time
Blessing as with light
Not forgeting energy

But this is too much
Our brothers are scorched
Burnt by the sun rays
Like roasted meat in feasts

Hunger is tearing them apart
Yet no one sees the burden
We are helpless perhaps
And a letter of help we write

Let me not write a long one
For the message will fade
Or perhaps, God, 
You will get tired reading perhaps

But, just like in the good holy book 
During the time of moses
And those children of yours
Shower manner and quils today

We are dying of hunger
The earth has forsaken us
The rains have long deserted us
And the sun is mocking us

See, dear Lord, I haven't said much
Just asked for a little favor
To my brothers and sisters
And your reply, I'll be waiting

© Lewis Wamwanda

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    Lewis Wamwanda is a poet and novelist, born in Eldoret Kenya in the late 90's and is a student at Kisii University pursuing Bachelor Of Education, English and Literature. He began His writing back in 2009 while He was in Class Four His greatest motivation is the society at large.

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